Thursday, October 30, 2008

Connor's 1st Birthday Photoshoot

Thanks to my oh-so-talented mother, I was able to get a great photoshoot taken of Connor for his "one year birthday" pictures. I think we got some really cute ones of him, and these are only a few of the best! I love how these pictures are not the same run-of-the-mill pictures you would get in a studio, and are a little more interesting with the different facial expressions and camera angles. I hope you enjoy looking at them! 

Monday, October 27, 2008

Fun in Vegas

This week Connor and I came down to visit my parents in Las Vegas. We have had so much fun so far, and we have more fun yet to come! I wanted to post the pictures of all of the fun things we have done so far, and then I will make another post of the things we have yet to do. We decided on a whim to visit the Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay. It was so much fun to go with my mom and my brothers and sisters. Connor absolutely loved all of the fish, jellyfish, sting rays, alligators, sharks, and turtles. He would smile and point at the fish. I tried to teach him to say "fish" and it came out "sssh." It was really cute. 

My friend Kylee is having a baby in December and we had her baby shower at my parent's house. She is having a little boy and I am so excited for her. Kylee is in the middle and her twin, Brakell, is on the right. The theme was "rubber duckies" and the decorations were so cute.

I helped Sophie with some of her piano pieces before her Halloween recital. 

Weston and Sophie had a little Halloween recital that I was able to attend. They did an awesome job, and I was very proud. The best part is that everyone dresses up, so I dressed Connor up in his little dog costume. It was a blast! 

Spooktacular! Every year the Elementary School that my brother and sister attend put on a Halloween carnival called "Spooktacular." There are fun games, food, and a haunted house. We had fun taking Connor around to play the games.  I even won some cookies at the cake walk! 

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Pumpkin Carving and Family Time

For FHE on Monday we decided to carve pumpkins. We had our good friends Riley and Jessica Griffin over and we all had a blast. Connor loved watching us carve the pumpkins and he would laugh really hard when Eric made faces while he was carving. We even carved a pumpkin for Connor, which turned out really cute. We also collected the seeds from our pumpkins, seasoned them, then cooked them. They actually turned out pretty well! We all had a blast carving and at the end, taking some fun pictures. Enjoy!

Connor being goofy!

Mom and Connor having fun at the park on Center Street.

Eric teaching Connor to drink out of a straw. I think the Dr. Pepper inside gave him a lot of incentive to keep trying!

Friday, October 17, 2008

First Steps...on Video!

This is the first video of Connor walking. Since his first steps on Sunday, he has been getting better and better each day. He is getting a lot more confidence and taking more chances with his walking. It is so cute and so much fun to watch him get better each day. He thinks walking is so fun and loves it when we clap and praise him for doing so well. Enjoy!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Tanzania, Africa

My brother, Elder Canton Hutchison, has been out on his mission for about nine months now. Today we received an e-mail from him telling us that he is being transfered out of Kenya to Tanzania! He is going to be a Zone Leader there in an area called Arusha. Him and his companion will be the second set of missionaries to that area, so it is fairly new. Arusha has a brand new branch and the mission president is counting on Canton to help build it up. He is so excited to be going to such an awesome place. It is right by Mt. Kilimanjaro and there is a ton of wildlife there. I can't wait to see his pictures of exotic African animals! Canton is absolutely thriving on his mission and moving the work forward. We are so proud of him!

Mt. Kilimanjaro