Sunday, March 22, 2009

Working Hard

This week has been so busy for Eric. Not only does he work full-time, but he's going to school full-time and this week was crazy at work, with school projects, and lots of reading and homework. After Eric comes home from work he rushes upstairs to take a quick shower, eats dinner, then sits at our kitchen table for the rest of the night studying and doing homework. This week he finished his "Accounting Law" independent study class (yikes!) and it was such a relief. He's been pouring over that class for the past month trying to finish it before the graduation deadline next month. Thank goodness there are only a few more weeks left in the semester! Then maybe I'll get my husband back...but probably not because then the real work begins! :) Oh well, I am just grateful to have a hard working husband who gets up early, goes to bed late, and works hard all day long just to make sure our family has everything we need. Thanks sweetheart!
I also posted some other pictures of Connor I took this week. What would a blog update be without pictures of Connor? :)
Eric studying in his "spot" at the kitchen table
Working hard...
Eric encouraging Connor to take a bite of an apple

Connor wants to be just like Daddy!
Lovin' his apple. He didn't quite eat it, but thought
biting into it was hilarious
I don't know if you can tell, but Connor is filthy dirty here.
Connor loves to be outside and roll around, so he gets
good and dirty most every day. His pants and hands are black!

Having fun at the park
Clapping his hands!

Connor is super possessive of this wheel.
He loves to pretend like he is driving a car, and
if any other kids try to play with out!

Going down the stairs like a big boy

Connor loves going back and forth inside of this thing
Today Connor grabbed my oven mitten off of the counter
and started wearing it all over the house. It was hilarious!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Leaving so Soon

Today I was looking at my calendar and realized...we only have 5 more weeks left in Provo! I just couldn't believe it. We are so excited to move back to Las Vegas, but we will also miss a lot of things about Utah. As I was thinking about us leaving, I reflected on the things we will really miss about Provo, and the things we well, won't miss. Here's our top 5 of each:

Things we will miss:
1)Our amazing friends
2)Our amazing ward
3)Great spring/summer weather
4)People are usually very tolerant and
understanding of babies/kids
5)All of the many beautiful temples

Things we won't miss:
1)Pedestrians (usually college students) who decide to cross the street
without looking during rush hour and expect you
to slam on your breaks for them
2)People asking you why you arn't pregnant again
3)The college students shooting off fireworks across the
street at 2:00am
4)The cold and snowy winters

I think that about sums it up! Utah has really been so good to us, but we are excited to get Eric graduated and head off to the "real world." I know the time will just fly by...I had better get packing!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Parks and Homemade Cinnamon Rolls

This week I was finally able to take Connor to an outside park. It was still plenty cold, but we braved it! Connor was so happy to get outside and play somewhere other than the dinosaur park at the University Mall. He loved running all over the grass and trying to climb backwards up the slide. As I mentioned before, we go to the University Mall indoor dinosaur park quite a bit because it has been so cold for the past few months. Connor loves going there, and he especially loves the big black ball that rolls around in water (kind of like a miniature version of the one at Disneyland...see the pictures below!). Last week when I took him there, one minute he was simply touching the ball, the next minute he was swimming in the water! He had crawled into the fountain on his hands and knees and was soaking wet from head to toe. As soon as I pulled him out he wanted to play some more, so I had to drag a wet, screaming child from the mall to our car. That's our Connor for you!
I also learned how to make homemade cinnamon rolls from scratch this weekend. It was so much fun. My friend Jessica made them for FHE last week, and after I tried them I just had to learn how to make them for myself. I have never really used yeast before, so I was pretty nervous. Once I got the hang of it though, it was no big deal. They came out of the oven perfectly golden and gooey. We also made some amazing cream cheese icing that melted right into the hot rolls. They were so good and I felt like such a little homemaker! Thanks Jess! I also cut my hair super short this weekend and I love it...thanks to Kelsey. :)

Sunday, March 8, 2009


This weekend I went to breakfast with two of my best friends I had while studying abroad in London. Three years ago this month we were half way through our semester in London and we were having a blast. It was also three years ago this month that my hubby flew out to London and proposed to me. :) Great memories! It's amazing how time flies. I've also posted lots of random pictures of Connor. He is so energetic and constantly on-the-go that it's really hard to get a good picture of him any more. He keeps me very busy and I can't believe he is growing up so fast! Enjoy!
Wendy and me

Me and Rachel

Connor loves his toy train. He hauls it all around the house
and lucky for me, it keeps him entertained for a few minutes so
I can get something done!

Connor has been taking off his socks lately just to get a
reaction out of me. He thinks it's hilarious when I
"give him the look," and then after he will usually squeal and run away.

Connor has been obsessed with cell phones lately.
He especially loves Eric's phone and will walk around with it
up to his ear pretending to talk. So cute.

Check out those legs! He also loves to play
with the blinds...

Connor helping Eric prepare his Sunday School lesson.

Marking up the scriptures!

Me and my little man. This picture was taken for a
Relief Society activity. It was supposed to "describe" some
things about me, so I have my son, my piano is behind me, and my favorite
set of Jane Austen novels I bought in England are sitting on the piano.
I hope I didn't do too bad!
Kelsey cutting Connor's hair. He was actually pretty good
and the cut was absolutely darling!

Connor loves bath time. I usually set aside about 30 minutes
before bedtime to let him play in the water because he loves it so much.
I don't think he'll be afraid of the pool this summer!