Thursday, September 25, 2008

Eric and the Sonic Man

Eric had the fun opportunity of meeting and having lunch with the owner of Sonic! Our family is obsessed with Sonic (especially my side of the family, I think my mom keeps them in business with all of the Diet Coke she drinks...) so we were stoked to find out Eric would be meeting the "Sonic guy." Eric said that he gave a great lecture on how he started his business and how he keeps it thriving. Sonic originated in Nashville, TN, and I guess there are over 100 Sonic's there now! There must be one on every street corner! I was also excited that he was able to snap a picture with this guy, so here it is! The man on the right is the Sonic guy's dad.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Family Photo Shoot

This weekend while my mom was here helping me out with some things, she took a fun photo shoot of my little family. We went around to some fun places in American Fork and Pleasant Grove and shot some great pictures. Of course, right as we were getting in the car, Connor face-planted into one of our end tables and cut his nose. So hopefully that little cut doesn't show that much! We went to the Timpanogos temple where there were some beautiful flowers. We also went to this old gas station that has old cars and gas pumps. There were also some old barns that we found that served as great backgrounds for some of the pictures. All in all, I think our little photo shoot was a success...thanks Mom!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Workin on the Jeep

As Eric continues to work on his jeep, Connor wants to be in on all of the action! Connor sat in the back of the jeep and played with his dad's tools while Eric installed the carpet.

Connor is 10 months old!

Connor is 10 months old! I can't believe that in two months he will be one year old. He is growing up so fast and he is exhausting, but so much fun! Some of his latest and greatest are: he loves to get into the dishwasher, turn off our computer, he says "mama" and "dada," he carries saltine crackers around everywhere, he will walk around the house holding one of mom or dad's hands, and he still gets into everything! (Nothing new about that one!)

Monday, September 8, 2008

Daddy's Little Helper

We have had to further babyproof our house as Connor has now figured out that he can get into Mommy's cupboards and pull everything out. While Eric fastened the safety latches on, Connor was in the middle of the action. He held Eric's tape measure and made a few attempts at the screw driver. He was so happy to be able to help his Dad. Eric was very patient, even though Connor was practically in his lap the whole time!