Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hutchison Family Pictures

We took family pictures before Canton and Kelsey went to school. We took some in our "spring" clothes and some pictures in our "Africa" clothes that Canton brought home from his mission.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Mark Hutchison Interviews

I have been asked by a few people about the interviews my dad has been doing since he decided to represent Nevada in the legal battle over healthcare. I have found the links to the major interviews and I have the links written down below for those who are interested to read and watch them. I am not quite sure when and if he will appear on Hannity, but I do know his PR people are working on it. I will be sure to post when I find out more information.

Face to Face with Jon Ralston, Channel 4 Las Vegas interview:
Look for the little blue arrow in the lower right hand corner. Push that arrow until you see the screen with Mark Hutchison's face. Click on the screen and watch. It should be under block 3 of 04/06 (My favorite interview)

Greta Van Susteren Fox News interview:
Read it here:,2933,590516,00.html
Watch it here:

He made the front page of the Las Vegas Review Journal on Wednesday.
Read that article here:

The Washington Post printed an article about NV and AZ joining the healthcare lawsuit on Wednesday.
Read that article here:

A few of my favorite quotes from these interviews:

"It requires for the first time in American history for citizens of the United States to purchase a product or to purchase a service in order to maintain good standing as a citizen of the United States," Hutchison said. "It has never happened before. It shouldn't happen."

In taking the case, Hutchison said he is committing to a major effort without pay that could last many months. He said his 35-lawyer firm is up to the task.

"It will take hundreds of hours, it won't take dozens," Hutchison said. "We've committed to the governor that we will support this effort and do it without charge. We have the resources to do it."

Hutchison said he read in the newspaper that Gibbons was considering finding outside counsel who would work for free if Masto declined to take the case. He contacted the governor's office and was called in for an interview Thursday. Hutchison said that at the end of the interview, Gibbons offered the job, and he took it.

In the Jon Ralston interview, Jon makes a comment about my dad "going rogue." Sounds a little like Sarah Palin to me, and I like that. :)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Making History

Today, my dad made history. He has decided to legally represent the state of Nevada in a lawsuit against the Federal Government's healthcare bill. Nevada is the 15th state that has decided to join in suing the Federal Government over the unconstitutional healthcare bill that was recently signed. Nevada's attorney general decided not to take legal action against the government, and when my dad found out about this, he called up Governor Gibbons and offered to serve as the Special Legal Council in this case. Today a press conference was held and an executive order was signed by the Governor naming my dad, Mark Hutchison, as the Special Legal Council in the effort to sue the Federal Government. He was interviewed today by many local Nevada news stations and even Greta Van Susteren with Fox News flew in to interview him. He will be interviewed by Sean Hannity later this week.
I am so proud of my dad for taking a stand and getting involved in something he is truly passionate about. He has always said that you can either complain about something or do something about it, and he is definitely not idly standing by hoping that someone will stand up for the rights of the American people. I know he is the perfect man for the job because he has the drive to do it and the experience to back it up. I hope other states continue to join in on this legal battle against the Federal Government and defend our state's rights. Thank you Dad for taking a stand and representing Nevada!