Thursday, July 7, 2011

Fourth of July Weekend

The Fourth of July. We spent the weekend in Brian Head with our family and friends and we had a blast. However, we were also quick to remember why we were celebrating Independence Day and frequently discussed the Founding Fathers and the great freedoms we enjoy.

Once everyone arrived, we started off the weekend with a bang and went shooting. Connor even shot a 22 shot gun! Eric showed him how to properly hold and shoot the gun, and once he got started, he didn't want to stop. Connor would say, "I want more boom boom" every time the gun ran out of bullets. It was so fun. We also went four-wheeling in the mud and Connor went fishing with his grandpa. It was a great holiday weekend!

The whole gang!
Setting up the shooting targets with Brandon and Kelsey
Brandon and Eric about to shoot
Eric and Connor shooting!

The whole gang four-wheeling in the mud!
Eric taking Connor for a ride

Grandpa Hutchison and Connor by the wood pile
Hanging out by the fire

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Duck Creek

Although packing and unpacking from a camping trip takes about twice as long as the actual trip, it is always totally worth it. I think it's important for kids to grow up camping and learn about the woods. This year at our annual Larkin Family reunion at Duck Creek we took Connor fishing for the first time, had a family pirate scavenger hunt, and I was able to let Connor run around the camp with his cousins without worrying. Now that is huge progress!

The highlight of the camping trip was taking Connor fishing. We bought him a little Lightening McQueen fishing pole and used a tootsie roll as the weight. After a few pointers from Dad, Connor insisted on casting all by himself and reeling in the line as fast as he could. Eric tried to fish, but most of his time was spent untangling Connor's fishing line and helping him cast. Grandpa Larkin was a big help too. Although they didn't catch any fish, there is nothing like watching a dad take his boy on his very first fishing trip.
Eric and Connor make a great cast!

Our little family, and yes I am hiding my pregnant self behind Eric!

Eric fishing

Casting all by himself

We love fishing!

Connor with Grandpa Larkin on the scavenger hunt

Eric and his dad fixing the generator

Eric and Grandma Larkin...isn't she beautiful!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

It's Springtime!

It's springtime and I have finally found a few minutes to blog and post pictures. We have had a busy few months. Connor is in preschool and absolutely loves it. He loves playing outside and going to the park. We found out we are having a BABY GIRL at the end of August and we are busy preparing for her arrival! We are so excited to have a new addition to our family. Eric and Whitney continue to work hard and we can't wait to take some much needed family vacations this summer. Below are a few pictures of Connor playing in our backyard. Hopefully I will stop slacking and post some spring break pictures next week! Enjoy!