Thursday, July 7, 2011

Fourth of July Weekend

The Fourth of July. We spent the weekend in Brian Head with our family and friends and we had a blast. However, we were also quick to remember why we were celebrating Independence Day and frequently discussed the Founding Fathers and the great freedoms we enjoy.

Once everyone arrived, we started off the weekend with a bang and went shooting. Connor even shot a 22 shot gun! Eric showed him how to properly hold and shoot the gun, and once he got started, he didn't want to stop. Connor would say, "I want more boom boom" every time the gun ran out of bullets. It was so fun. We also went four-wheeling in the mud and Connor went fishing with his grandpa. It was a great holiday weekend!

The whole gang!
Setting up the shooting targets with Brandon and Kelsey
Brandon and Eric about to shoot
Eric and Connor shooting!

The whole gang four-wheeling in the mud!
Eric taking Connor for a ride

Grandpa Hutchison and Connor by the wood pile
Hanging out by the fire